Good Morning Wednesday Images Pics HD Download2

Good Morning Wednesday Images Pics HD Download2

“Elephants love Wednesday, and so will you.”

When a day you happen to know is Wednesday starts off sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.

Are you seeking for some cool quotes on Wednesday to share them on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking accounts? Then you are at the right address. We are more than sure that some of your subscribers are having a hard time dealing with so-called midweek depression. If there a word for such thing. So, share these cool quotes with them to make them feel better.

After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W – T – F.

Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all: Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses, Saturday no luck at all.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe.

When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday – no matter what happened Tuesday. I like the good life too much, I’m not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons.