10 CBSE Result

CBSE 10 Result

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


While presenting the Interim Budget for the year 2018-19, Union Minister Piyush Goyal also referred to Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence.

What is the government’s plan about Artificial Intelligence?
Government will open a National Center for Artificial Intelligence and soon the Artificial Intelligence Portal will be launched.
The new Artificial Intelligence Portal will be built in support of the National Program on Artificial Intelligence.
The Artificial Intelligence Program will be used to give people the benefit of artificial intelligence and related technology.
Its national centers will be built which will work as hubs, currently 9 areas have been selected.
What will happen in the proposed Artificial Intelligence Portal and how people will benefit from it, the Government has not provided any information about this.
What is Artificial Intelligence?

First in 1955, John McCarthy of artificial intelligence had used the word, so it is also called the Father of Artificial Intelligence. By the way, the concept of artificial intelligence is very old. Greek myths have stories related to the concept of ‘mechanical man’ , i.e. a person who imitates any of our behavior. Today man is making the machines intelligent with the help of his intellect, and it has been named Artificial Intelligence to make machines intelligent. The simple and straightforward meaning of artificial intelligence is the intellectual ability developed in a gimmicky or artificial manner.
When a machine or device resolves problems by learning to adapt to the conditions, then it comes under the purview of Artificial Intelligence. It can be called a mixture of thought, planning, learning, language processing, concept, speed, creativity etc.
Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic, it has been discussed in the world for decades. Films like Matrix, I Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner are Artificial Intelligence.
Through this, computer system or robotic system is prepared, which is based on the same logic on which the human brain works.
Artificial Intelligence now does not include machines that analyze the situation with the help of the camera, rather it adds more advanced techniques, which can be understood by understanding someone’s language.
How does work and advantages and disadvantages
Artificial Intelligence is the greatest virtue to think and behave like human beings and understanding the facts and giving feedback on the logic and ideas.

Machines are used to perform complex and rugged works and it is well known that work can be completed quickly with the help of machines compared to humans. This is being called the future technology because it is expected to bring revolutionary changes in the world. Its use can lead to major changes in communication, defense, health, disaster management and agriculture etc. By the way, the scientists are divided into two camps on the advantages and disadvantages of this. Its benefits are not very clear at the moment, but it can be said of the dangers that the greatest loss comes from the arrival of artificial intelligence.
In Artificial Intelligence, machines will be replaced in place of humans … Machines themselves will make decisions and they are not controlled, it can also cause danger to humans.
Widespread use of Artificial Intelligence can have consequences which have not been imagined.
Scientists consider it the biggest threat when machines using artificial intelligence to make decisions on human moral issues without human intervention. Such as life, safety, birth-death, social relations etc. decisions. 
Bill Gates believes that if a person makes a machine better than himself, then the biggest danger will arise for a person’s existence.
Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkins also said that humans have a range of thousands of years of slow biological development, which can not cope with Artificial Intelligence.
Where will it be used?
Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science, under which intelligent machine is prepared, which responds like a human and also works.
Through Artificial Intelligence, the machine can solve a problem like humans.
Just as human beings improve their ability with their experience, there are programs of Artificial Intelligence as well, through which machines can also work to learn.
Artificial intelligence based assistants are given in smartphones, such as Google Assistant It will be as accurate as you use it, that means … it learns from you.
Machine learning is also considered part of Artificial Intelligence. Basically machine learning is a type of algorithm that helps in running a software properly. For this, he prepares a sample based on some of the results seen by the user and prepares the patterns of questions to be asked on the basis of that sample. Thus, computers acquire the ability to think and function like a human brain, in which continuous development takes place over time.
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Flood Management in India

The Central Water Resources Ministry has made an agreement with Google, which will help in effective and effective management of flood in India. This cooperation agreement between India’s Central Water Commission and Google will be very easy to predict floods, and to make the flood-related information accessible to the general public. This will help in the release of location-targeted essential actionable flood warnings by improving flood forecasting systems. Under this Central Water Commission will use the latest advancement made by Google in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Geospatial Mapping. With this initiative, the crisis management agencies are expected to help in tackling hydrological problems better.
Artificial Intelligence in ISRO’s campaigns
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will use Artificial Intelligence in its future programs.
With this, ISRO will not only optimize its space missions but will also be able to accurately and quickly analyze the data.
ISRO receives massive data from satellites, whose work of analysis is done by scientists. This process takes a long time.
This work can be done more efficiently in less time with machines and software through Artificial Intelligence. For this, there is a plan to increase the use of robotics in ISRO’s data centers.
The biggest advantage of this would be to analyze the data from remote sensing satellites. It will be possible to use real time analysis by analyzing them from Artificial Intelligence. This will be done through better information about the information of natural calamities, monitoring of crops, collecting information of resources etc.
In addition, ISRO will start using robots in the construction and testing of satellites. Artificial intelligence is also used in the rover which is to be rolled onto the surface in Chandrayaan-2, so that it can be sampled from the surface by testing them on the spot and sending the report. If there is any malfunction in the rover, then it will have the ability to repair itself. Robots will be sent to non-unmanned two flights of Gaganaya, while usually these tests are sent to animals.
ICTAI of the Policy Commission, Intel and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

The Policy Commission, Intel and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research will establish the International Center of Convertible Artificial Intelligence for the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence Applications based research projects.
It has been named International Center for Transformative Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) .
This initiative is part of the Policy Commission’s program  ‘National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence’  .
This center is to be set up in Bangalore and it will conduct research on artificial intelligence based solutions in the field of health care, agriculture and smart mobility.
In this, the expertise of Intel and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research will be used.
This institute will examine, explore and establish best practices in areas such as administration, basic research, infrastructure, calculation and service infrastructure and attracting talent.
This center will develop the basic framework of Artificial Intelligence in the country.
Its purpose is to develop policies related to information technology and develop standards.
It will develop Artificial Intelligence Techniques to promote application-based research.
It will pay special attention to enhancing cooperation with industry figures, innovation entrepreneurs and artificial intelligence service providers.
Its goal is to develop talents for world-class Artificial Intelligence skills and to cooperate with them in skill training.
The Policy Commission will use the knowledge and best practices developed by this center in the construction of ICTAI centers in the country.
This center will focus especially on areas of health care, agriculture, education, smart city and mobility.
There is no double opinion that in the field of economic development and social progress, Artificial Intelligence is going to play an important role and is doing it. Even then, today Artificial Intelligence has become a big issue for scientists, and continuous research is being done. There are regular changes in artificial intelligence technology.
India’s goal is to develop human-centric Artificial Intelligence, which can benefit humanity in inclusive way. Finding solutions to difficult problems and joining the world’s leading countries in the field of Artificial Intelligence is one of India’s main goals. Apart from these, there are some important issues related to the ethics and privacy of Artificial Intelligence, which have to be resolved.

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