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Britain’s issue of breakage becoming intriguing


The British Prime Minister Theresa’s break-up of the Brexit agreement from the European Union could not be passed in Parliament. His proposal in the ‘House of Commons’ was defeated by 202 votes against 432 votes. Now the Prime Minister will have to present Plan-B in Parliament soon.

Of course this was the biggest defeat of any Prime Minister in the British Parliament in modern history, but on the very next day Teresa won the vote of confidence in Parliament. 325 MPs supported their government, while 306 MPs voted in favor of no confidence motion. This way the UK’s way of getting out of the European Union has become difficult.

Why accessed this issue in British Parliament?

In fact, in the year 2017, the Supreme Court of Britain had said that a break vote should be voted in Parliament whether the government can start its process or not? And there is no need to get approval from the Parliament of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on this issue. The court had said that it would be unconstitutional to not take Parliament’s opinion on the breakage. After this decision, the British Government could not apply Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the basis of self-determination and this matter was brought to Parliament. Let us know that under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, formal process of separation from a member country of the European Union begins.

Was the referendum for the breaks in the UK?

Brexit is made up of two words- Britain + Exit, which literally means getting out of Britain.

On June 23, 2016, a referendum was made in the United Kingdom on the question of staying or not in the European Union, in which about 52 per cent of the votes were in favor of getting out of the European Union.

Only one question was asked in the referendum – should the United Kingdom be a member of the European Union or should it be abandoned?

It was named after Brexit, arguing of retaining Britain’s sovereignty, culture and identity.

The British prime minister, David Cameron, was an election ployiff, so that’s the referendum.

After this, Prime Minister David Cameron had to resign as he preferred to stay in the European Union.

Significantly, in 1973, during the tenure of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Britain joined the European Union. But Britain did not adopt the shared currency ‘euro’, it remained out of the Schengen passport-free zone and continued its free market policy. Let us know that in Great Britain, there are three countries (England, Wales and Scotland) … and when it comes to the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is also involved with them.

What could be the possibilities … how far the deadlock could be?

The United Kingdom can try for a better deal. But the European Union has been consistently refusing to consider any other deal.


The United Kingdom came out of the European Union on March 29 without any deal. But this can have a profound effect on the United Kingdom business. This may affect the extent of Ireland, which is Good Friday Agreement would be contrary to certain conditions (Good Friday Agreement).


The breakage process should be delayed, i.e. the United Kingdom did not come out of the European Union on March 29. The probability is most. But the deadline can not be moved ahead of June 2019, because then the new European Parliament will take over where British will not be involved.


General elections should be held in the UK and the new government will try to resolve this problem by negotiating with the EU again.


On the issue of breakage, a referendum can be made once again in the United Kingdom, but most of the views of this idea are currently being opposed.

Uncertainty in England

There is now an uncertainty atmosphere in England on the break. Every eye seems to ask the same question … What will happen next? But it is not that all the paths have been closed. The last date for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union is March 29, 2019. One possibility is that Britain will try to get more concessions from the European Union and any new proposal about this may come in Parliament. The other possibility is that if the government does not win the trust of Parliament on breakage, then referendum can be made on this issue again. But due to the shortage of time, the challenge of reaching it in two months seems almost impossible. Whatever the situation, however, it has been clear since the referendum that even after separation from the European Union the UK will not be completely free from those obligations, against which the people there opposed the referendum Had taken. other than this,

What will be the impact on India?

Breakage is also being said to have an impact on Indian business. It is certain that if the breakage is put on execution then its impact can also be on the global market.

The prospects of the bilateral trade of Britain and India are also being influenced by it.

The reason behind this is that on what terms Britain is different and what is the agreement between the European Union and Britain about investment and business after separation?

Due to breakage, neither has the start of a new business agreement between India and the UK, nor has the talks reached the FTA between India and EU.

This uncertainty will affect the Indian companies doing business in the UK. According to NASSCOM, UK’s share in the total business of the country’s IT companies is about 10 per cent.

The impact of the economic slowdown in the UK can also affect the amount of remittances coming to India. Five percent of the amount of migrant Indians in India now comes from the UK.

There is no doubt that Brajits has created an atmosphere of uncertainty in the UK. There are many questions floating in the air. like-

When the UK is different from the European Union, will its economy become weak?

What will be the citizenship of those living in the UK from the countries of Europe?

Will they be allowed to stay in the UK or not?

UK citizens in Europe will be allowed to live or not?

Will the citizens of the two countries have the freedom to enter the visa without a visa?

Flexibility of the breaks and anti-braces

British people have been advocating for breaking the ties with the European Union that it has become necessary for the British to maintain and preserve their identity, independence and culture. These people are also questioning the large number of migrants coming to the UK. They also have to say that Britain has to pay billions of pounds every year to the European Union, and it imposes its ‘undemocratic’ law on Britain. On the other hand, supporters of the European Union have said that staying in the European Union will be better for the UK’s economy. In their view, Europe is Britain’s most important market and the biggest source of foreign investment. In such a case, Britain’s exit from the European Union can be fatal to its economy.

Now the whole world is sitting watching the breath and seeing how the tripod camel is sitting.


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