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Home remedies for weight gain, know ways to be fat

You will often hear people saying they are upset with their weight (obesity) and try several ways to lose weight. On the other hand, you will find many people who are tensed about their lean body and take various kinds of measures to increase the weight of your body. People always way of increasing obesity  (motapa badhane ka tarika) seek to live and eternally new  tips being obese ( Mota Hone Ki Tips In Hindi) embrace.

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Nowadays in newspapers, there is a lot of advertisements on TV that instruct you to eat a particular product and claim that you should increase your body weight in a few days ( weight gain. But the truth is that such expensive products will increase your weight, but they do not have long term effects, as well as the harmful side effects of these products will give you any other illness Can make a victim of So, in the absence of loss of money, time and health, there is no regrets of regrets. If you are also troubled by your leanness, then this article is for you. In this article we will tell you naturally thickening tips ( mota hone ke nuskhe) and how to increase weight ( weight badhane ka tarika).
There can be some reason for the thin thin physique, the main reason of which is this.
 Hormonal imbalance
 Do not work properly on the digestive system (digestion problem)
 The weakness of the thyroid gland and not functioning properly.
 Hate of any disease, such as sugar, hyperthyroidism, anemia, indigestion, stress, etc.
Mota Hone Ki Tips In Hindi
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 Eat more often – place a habit of eating 5 to 6 times instead of three times in a day. Do not eat stomach food at the same time. Keep extra calories intake up to 300-400 in your diet. Increase the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in your diet. Proteinated and fatty foods play an important role in increasing weight.
 Drink more quantity of water – drink at least 12-14 glasses of water throughout the day. Drinking a high amount of water will make your digestion good. As a result you will feel hungry and eat your body. Never drink water immediately before and immediately after eating it. By drinking water before meals, your belly will fill up half as a result you will reduce the food. Drinking water after meals causes gastragine to slow down so that food does not digest properly. Drink water only half an hour before meals and 45 minutes after meals.
 Do not eat junk food and fast food – Many people think that by eating junk food and fast food, weight increases. This thing is fairly well. Eating such foods leads to obesity, but one of the other aspects is that such foods invite many kinds of diseases. Do not even consume tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. Because it ends hunger. Do not eat more spicy and spicy foods. Because this can reduce the amount of calories and constipation.
 Avoid stress – One cause of leanness is stress. Tensioning, mental and emotional stress are the obstacles to your weight gain. It has been said that ‘worry worries are the same’ So keep yourself away from stressful environments and always be happy. Adopt a stress free lifestyle.
 Yoga and Exercise – Include Yoga and Exercise in your daily routine. By exercising, you feel hungry and the digestion is correct. Saranganjasan, Halasan, Bhujangasan, Viparatikarni, Bhramari Pranayam are especially beneficial in yoga. This has a positive effect on your thoracic gland. Consequently, the metabolism of the metabolism remains active. Which is helpful in weight gain.
Rapid measures to be fat , how to gain weight
Know What to Eat to Gain Weight – Know Which Food to Eat Then Immediately Increase Weight?
So now the question arises that what to eat to be fat ( mota hone ke liye kya khaye) ?? What do you eat so that you increase obesity faster? To increase the weight fast, you should take the amount of 700-1000 extra calories per day in your diet. Below are 5 recommended foods that you can consume your weight faster.
5 home remedies for fast weight gain and fat
(This is the first time
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 Ashwagandha powdered – By taking 5 grams of Ashwagandha powder with a glass of milk every morning and evening, the weight grows fast.
 Asparagus powder – 5 grams asparagus powder with a glass of milk daily in the morning and evening every day increases weight.
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 Milk and banana – Daily consumption of milk and bananas in the morning breakfast increases weight rapidly. You can also drink banana shake (or mango shake) if you want. Other dairy products made from milk such as paneer, curd, butter, ghee etc. also help in increasing weight.
Potato – Fat is found in abundance in fat. Eating 6-7 boiled potatoes per day benefits from it. If rice or maize bread is consumed with potato, then the weight grows very fast.
Egg – Protein is found in very high quantities in the egg , which is helpful in weight gain. Eating up to 3-4 boiled eggs daily in the morning and evening increases weight very quickly. Along with this, consuming red meat, fish, etc. also benefits.
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If you are a vegetarian then instead of soybean, beans, whole pulses, whole grains and dry fruits, etc., the weight increases soon.
Along with the above measures you also need to take 7-8 hours of sleep. The body structure of each person is different. Therefore, do not compare your body with any other person’s body and do not suffer from inferiority. Be happy and keep your thinking positive and take a stress free lifestyle.

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