10 CBSE Result

CBSE 10 Result

How to Read Newspaper For Civil Services Examination

Let’s start with what the newspapers are and what are they for you? Are they just a compilation of twenty-four hours of events? Are they some of the tallest pages bought in just three rupees, which are transformed into a heap after twenty-four hours and later the price of junk is sold? Is there a way to timer the newspaper that you spend some time with it while waiting for your turn at the salon or at the tea stall? Or is it merely a medium of news that gives news of the country and the world?

Indeed, the newspaper is everything that has just been told, but as far as the question of the newspaper is for you, it is beyond you all. What the newspaper is, the answer depends on who is reading it and what is being read by it. If I’m an IAS If I have to answer this question on behalf of the studio, then I would like to ask a question in response to this question, ‘What is not it?

You can see the general knowledge paper of the initial examination. Take a look at the four papers of general knowledge of the main exam. Read the questions you asked students accessing in the interview. You will find that you can prepare for almost three-fourths of all what is asked in all these newspapers, just by the newspapers. Even in the preparation of the remaining 25 percent, there is a lot of indirect contributions from these newspapers. If you are planning to write an essay on a contemporary topic, do not do so until you have played complete integrity with the newspapers.

Now you can understand yourself as to what the newspapers are for you and how important it is. If you are allergic to reading the newspaper, then I will follow that IAS Becoming is also allergic and you should immediately discontinue your idea. The truth is that the newspapers are the only IAS Make preparations beautiful, simple, distinctive, difficult and challenging. Books are books only. Nobody can do anything by reading them, by crying. But newspapers are different from them in this sense and they should be separated from IAS. The exam is separated from all other examinations.

I am well aware of the difficulties that arise in the minds of the Candidates about the newspapers. Basically, their problems are that-

Read how many newspapers,
Which newspapers read,
What to read in the newspapers, and
How much time do the newspapers have?

Most students know the importance of newspapers, but what are the important things in the newspapers, they do not know it. The result is that many people do not know how many newspapers they read. I am not surprised to hear this when someone tells me that ‘I read five newspapers daily and it takes me two to three hours in it. If so much time was spent in the newspaper, then how much time would be left for the rest! But that’s not his concern. His main concern is that he used to spend so many hours with so many newspapers, but he really read it? The truth came out that he read everything, but did not read anything because he did not have any problems.

Actually, such students are very scared students. They think that anything can be asked in the name of common knowledge. Therefore, everything should be read so that there is nothing left in the examination. But they ignore this science of our brain that if so many facts are piled up in the brain, then any of them will not be of our work. I do not know why they do not even understand that common sense does not have any sense. Common sense means ‘such knowledge, which can be expected from any educated citizen’. If you understand both of these facts well enough, then you will be able to do justice with reading the newspaper, otherwise, it is a magical trap in which you will go away and you will not have any look to get out of it. Certainly, IAS Regarding the examination of the newspapers, systematic and scientifically speaking is a major challenge and without understanding this challenge, the IAS It will not be wise to prepare for

Which newspapers read?

Should you read the newspaper more than usual? Or should you read all the important newspapers, as many highly sensitive and studious students do? I am against it. You do one thing Those whom you consider being very important newspapers, bring them all in one day and only keep them scanning all day. Try to know what are the important facts that are in one but not in the other. Keep in mind that I am not talking about the facts of Array-Gare, Small and False. I am talking about important facts. You will be happy to know that if this is really a newspaper level, then all the important facts will be present in all newspapers. Yes, it will be different than the description of those facts will be slightly different, their place of appearance will vary, but their coverage will be in all.

Then what will happen differently? I’ll tell you The articles that are on the editorial page can be on different topics and if the subject is also one, then they will be written by different people. Due to this, the level of the articles will vary. The editorial comments on this page of the middle can be on different topics and if they occur on the same topic, then their level can vary.

So should you read many newspapers for these editorial articles and editorial comments only? I do not think this is necessary. If you have a newspaper level, then you believe that the topic on which they will be able to print the article and on which subject matter they write will be important. In the other newspapers, the subject and articles published on it, they have either been printed in this newspaper or they can be printed further – provided that the subject and those events are important. If it does not happen when you do not have to worry about it. You can not walk with all the knowledge of the world. Anything that wants to catch up, it does not have anything in his hand. Never forget this rule of nature. If any of your partners scares you about this, do not be afraid.

Therefore, the first point of your behavior with the newspaper is that you do not select many newspapers for yourself, choose only one of the following newspapers and keep up with them. If there is no big deal, do not keep changing it constantly. Well, I would also like to say that it does not matter which newspaper you are reading, provided that your newspaper is a level newspaper. Anything that makes a difference, it does not matter how you are reading that newspaper.

You should generally read the following newspaper –

  • A national level newspaper
  • A newspaper that emerges from your own state but is level
  • A newspaper related to the economy.
  • current affairs for upsc examination

    I’m not talking about language. You should read a newspaper of the same language, which is the language you can call IAS Are making their own medium in There is no need to worry more about it. If you are a Hindi medium student, then do not be unnecessarily lean about this fear that without reading the ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Times of India’, you can get IAS Can not make it. Yes, it is definitely that if your English is a bit fine, then you can spend some time with these newspapers – and especially for their editorial articles and comments. No more needs to be done.

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