10 CBSE Result

CBSE 10 Result

Long-term solution for farmers’ problems


Recently, the government’s ignorance of farmers was also considered a major reason for the defeat of the ruling BJP in the assembly elections held in three states. There has been continuous continuous procurement of news that farmers did not find the true value of their produce. There were also reports that due to the cost of crops like potatoes and onions, the farmers destroyed their crops in the fields. Apart from this, other agricultural produce also did not get reasonable prices for the farmers.

In such a way, the question arises that what is the solution to this problem? Even after the government’s efforts, where is the lack of? What could be a long-term solution rather than a short-term solution to improve the agriculture sector that has made significant contribution to the country’s economy? Is partial amnesty of farmers’ debt to solve this problem?

Problem of farmers

The biggest cause of farmers’ dissatisfaction across the country is not getting the true value of their produce and this is their biggest problem. The problems of farmers are not new; But honest efforts of their solution have never been seen. The reports of suicide by farmers has also been discussed in the past several years. Large rallies taken by farmers in different parts of the country are enough to tell their dissatisfaction.

Need an honest solution

There are three such improvements, which can be used on the saddle of farmers’ agitation:

Maximum minimum support price


Debt forgiveness


Direct income and investment assistance

Direct income and investment assistance

We have information about the first two of the above, but the third point (direct income and investment support) is relatively less known.

Raithu Bandhu Yojana

This option took place in Telangana and it has been named ‘Rathuthu Bandhu’. Raithu Bandhu means the friends of farmers. This is a Kisan Investment Assistance Scheme, under which the Telangana Government provides financial assistance to farmers for Rabi and Kharif crops. Under the scheme, state government is providing financial assistance of Rs 4000 per acre per season to support agricultural investment. Financial assistance is provided twice a year for Rabi and Kharif season i.e. annual financial assistance of Rs 4000 / – per acre. Under the scheme, payment of assistance amount to the farmers is done in the form of checks from the office of the Board (Sub-District) Agriculture Officer. This is a top priority plan of the Telangana Government and it has been carefully monitored. In addition to this scheme, insurance cover of Rs five lakh is also being given to farmers in Telangana.

The truth is, in fact, the panacea recipe of reducing the problems of farmers is hidden in the aggravated reforms of agricultural markets. like-

Increasing its scope by strengthening MSP system

Breaking the junk of Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs)

Improvement in Essential Commodities Act, 1955

Improve Negotiable Warehouse Receipt System

Creating supply chains to bring the farmers’ products to the markets

Simplifying the laws related to land and consolidation etc.

Promote contract farming

Creating a favorable environment for increasing agricultural exports

Development of Food Processing Facilities

Better contacts between consumers and the market

Issue of debt waiver of farmers

The issue of debt waiver of farmers was important in the assembly elections mentioned above, which has played an important role in bringing the Congress to power. But debt forgiveness is not a solution to the problem of farmers, because it does not get much benefit from 20 to 30 percent farmers. This limited access can not solve the widespread complaints and problems of Indian farmers. The reality is that interim measures such as debt waiver can not be solved by the actual problem of income from agriculture decreasing continuously.

Need structural reforms

It has been seen that with the passage of time, the condition of the farmers has changed rather than improved. In order to satisfy the farmers, the country’s policymakers, from time to time, are taking immediate relief. Under these measures, steps are taken to seduce farmers, whereas need is such structural measures which can be long term and can solve the problems of farmers permanently. Like – run a scheme like Universal Basic Income . This will result in a fixed income every month and the farmers will not be forced to sell their produce at the two-and-a-half times. But the reality is that we are not able to overcome the common problems of farmers like power-water, manure, agricultural infrastructure, marketing and the ability to deal with the risks.

India’s agriculture is deprived of modern technology

Today, when technology is being used in all spheres of human activities throughout the world, most of the Indian agriculture is still working on the age-old scale. To date, no special technique has been used in the Indian agricultural world. BT cotton started to be used 15 years ago, but after that no such experiment has been done in the agriculture sector. Today, humans have different types of technology, such as biotechnology, information and communication technology, satellite technology, nuclear agrochemical technology and nanotechnology for food processing. All of them can be used more or less in the agricultural sector.

6-Point Plan

Strengthening the input delivery system


Rapid expansion of irrigation facilities


Use of Miscellaneous Techniques


Investment in Rural Infrastructure


Maximization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Capacity building of farmers

Of course, agriculture is the subject of states and every state determines its agricultural policies keeping in view its facilities and circumstances. Center and states need to work together in this matter, but today’s truth is that the farmers who are getting income from farming are entitled to more than that. But short-term measures are not possible to increase their income. There will be a long-term commitment to this, only then there can be some improvement in the economic condition of the farmers.


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