10 CBSE Result

CBSE 10 Result

The winter season

The winter season is gradually being neutralized and the aroma of spring is also spreading in nature. Basant Baiyar and golden sun flowing at this time gives lot of pleasure, but do not underestimate your health in this misery of the weather. In this season, small pollen of soil and flowers continue to fly along with air. These particles enter the body through the nose and mouth, which cause allergic reactions. Because of this, problems like sneezing, cough, itching and respiratory problems, eye irritation begin to occur. In such cases, it is natural for your hospitals to go round, but more medicines are also not considered suitable for health. At such times if you want to avoid the adverse effects of climate change, then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle, and what can be good for Ayurveda, especially during the changing moments of weather? At this time the temperature of the atmosphere varies rapidly, As fast as our body does not reconcile with the weather. Ayurvedic prescriptions fit us in such weather.
Avoid Allergies in Changing Seasons!
If we incorporate small ayurvedic things in our daily routine, then you can spend the month of March and April. Allergic problems are high in this season. To avoid this, the use of herbal or basil tea is most suitable. Boil 2-3 black pepper, 6-7 basil leaves and a little bit of ginger in water and drink it like tea.
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It is beneficial to do this activity for about 10 to 15 days. These three things, with immune system, protect us from infections. This recipe is considered beneficial for twelve months. This keeps you from allergies throughout the year.
Make Perfect Diet Plan!
If your immune system is strong, then allergic reactions stay away from you, and it is essential for balanced and healthy diet. According to Ayurveda, the problem of cough is more in this season. So suddenly do not start eating cold-blooded things.
Do not drink the refrigerator water. The food should not be too hot or too cold.
If fiber-rich foods and fibrous vegetables are increased, then your body can enjoy the full season.
If you drink milk daily, it is better to take low fat milk, but milk should not be too hot. Well, people who have complained of bile, they should drink milk only. Milk contains vitamins and proteins, which give us energy and also enhance our immune system. But keep in mind that the milk should be boiled at once. If the milk is boiled more then the vitamins and mineral present in it are destroyed. Those who have acidity, they should not drink hot milk.
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Drink plenty of water. Drink at least three to four liters of water per day. This will not cause urinary and other problems. You can also consume plenty of other liquids, such as fruit juices and so on.
If you are eating food, do not drink water again and again. This affects the digestive tract.
Vegetable juice, vitamins-containing fruit, orange, seasonal and tomato juice, lemonade, strawberry and kiwi help in increasing immunity against infection.
In this season, do not drink yellow, red, and orange fruit.
To increase immunity, drink fennel and cardamom in coriander water and drink it.
Take 5-8 almonds or 1 walnuts daily. This makes you physically strong, as well as being able to fight allergies.
Banana is a great fruit to protect from allergies, but some people are also allergic to bananas. So keep in mind that if you have allergic bananas If not, you can consume banana in the day.
If there are skin problems then try these home remedies!
Skin problems are also common in this season, including rash, red rash and itching on the face. In such a situation, special attention should be given on proper catering and cleanliness. Use of giloy or neem in bath water will be beneficial for such people. Similarly, the use of turmeric is correct for the skin. Such people should avoid more sweet, spicy and fatty foods.
The excessive sweat and dust accumulates on the skin on the skin and the pores are closed, causing white headaches to appear on the face. To avoid this, make a paste by mixing one spoonful of barley roasted papaya with a spoon and use it as a scrub. The skin is clean and soft with it.
If acne and black heads are coming on the face, add some lemon juice of green tea in the tea bag and mix it in the affected area. After this, add Jojoba Oil.
Keep these things in mind too!
Bacteria grow very fast due to high temperatures in this season, so wear a cloth or mask on the face.
Problems in the eye are itching, water coming etc. Problems are common in this season. They should not be ignored in any situation. Always wash eyes with clean water. Sunglasses save you not only from sunlight but also from allergic reactions to fumes and dirt. So, be sure to use sunglasses when going out.
Take a walk in the morning and also do yoga as well. Pranayama under the supervision of an expert. From this you can also avoid seasonal diseases.
In this season there are plenty of bacteria in the atmosphere. So avoid eating anything outdoors.
Increase the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Particularly beneficial to take fruit with iron and mineral salts and liquids will be beneficial.
Eat always eat fresh food. By eating stale, the problem of vata and bile increases. Avoid use of foods that are preservatives in them. Because the preservative contains sodium benzoate, which affects the intestines.

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